Buildings Fire Protection/Fighting System

Protect Your Asset

Fire protection and fighting is an essential safety system that must exist in all buildings.  Our physical assets, computers and memories have great value and they deserve to be protected.  The bad thing about fire is that it happens without pre-warning and without giving the owner any moment for preparation; that is why fire protection and fighting systems should always be ready to help us save lives and properties.

At Siyab Trading; we work collaboratively with the client to ensure fit for purpose solution that meets all the requirements of Omani Civil Defence.

Below are examples of typical systems that are installed in various types of buildings:

  • Fire alarm systems using conventional or addressable control panels.  These systems will include smoke detectors, heat detectors, break glass points and alarm bells.
  • Fire pumps connected to hose reels.
  • Fire pumps connected to sprinklers.
  • Wet and dry risers.

Each building will have its own fire protection system according to its area and use.  All these specifications will be approved by ROP and stamped drawings from civil defence will be the master working plan.